Copper Repiping

Shower Water Pressure Restored after Copper Repipe from Repipe Specialists.What is a copper repipe?
If your home has been built more than twenty years ago, there’s a higher probability that the water pipes are made of a galvanized pipe material. These galvanized pipes will corrode as time goes on and will require a copper repipe to offset the damage, wear and irreversible pipe material corrosion. Galvanized pipe corrosion in the home can sharply reduce water quality and may even cause health concerns. Copper repiping involves the removal or bypassing of existing pipes, replaced by clean, brand new copper pipes. Copper pipes used are made from the finest quality copper available and has a lifetime quality guarantee. The cost of copper repiping can vary on your home size and plumbing layout. Most commonly, the cost of a full copper repipe with Repipe Specialists is half of what a local plumber will charge.

What issues should I look for?
If you experience a big loss in water pressure, rusty colored water with a metallic taste, a slab leak starts or you discover leaks or pipe corrosion, it may be time to upgrade your plumbing with new copper pipes. Many of these symptoms are often the early indicators of major internal pipe corrosion. This may also cause leaks within your home, which can lead to mildew or mold within your walls.

How much time does it take to repipe with copper?
Start to finish a full repiping job only 1-2 days. You don’t have to stay somewhere else from the fear of not having water or being able to take a shower. You won’t have to leave your home. Our repipe technicians and installers pride themselves on keeping your home clean and take extra care to cover your furnishing and flooring before the copper repipe starts. Every Repipe Specialists team always includes an expertly trained master patcher, who professionally patches all affected wall sections that needed to be opened to perform the repipe. We have had many customers who are surprised that Repipe Specialists can finish the job in just days, leaving very little evidence that a full copper repipe had just taken place. A client shared with us, “When we came home, my wife couldn’t even find where the wall patching was done, as your crew left no dirty mess or trace that a repipe operation had just been done.”

What can be expected after a copper repipe?
The first thing people notice after copper repiping is a big water pressure increase. As time passed, corrosion and rust has collected inside your old pipes, restricting water flow and causing pressure loss. You will find a big improvement in your quality or water as well. With your copper pipes now free of corrosion and contaminants, you will see a big difference in the shower, your dishwasher and your washing machine.

Additional benefits of copper repiping
Replacing your older pipes can also have significant cost benefits as well. Replacing your old pipes can save you from increasing problems down the road. Inferior plumbing and pinhole leaks will no longer be an issue. Your repipe may eliminate any future costly plumbing headaches for years to come. A copper repipe may also add to your home’s real estate value, a big advantage when putting your house up for sale. Home buyers often test water quality before buying a house. After copper repiping, your water quality is a valuable selling point to potential home buyers.

How do I get a copper repipe cost estimate?
Live Repipe Specialists operators are available 24/7 to answer your questions and schedule your free estimate. You can call 800-737-4746 anytime to start the process or fill in the free repipe estimate request form on this website. Our experienced experts will complete a thorough examination on your home and existing plumbing issues, providing you with a complete, full estimate on the work required to repipe your home.

What other repiping options do I have?
If you have the right home configuration, PEX repiping may also be an option you might consider. Repiping using PEX is an alternative to copper repiping and has many other aesthetic qualities as well, including reduction of water noise and low profile installation requirements.

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